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Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to shows like the ones John offers, you may have some questions about booking procedure, audience size, technical aspects and other important details. We try and answer all your questions here on the website! If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us.

Who is John O'Bryant?
See About John.

Are John's Shows Age Appropriate?
Yes. Each of John's performances are clean and the content is always geared towards the audience it is being performed for.

What can we expect?
With John's amazing track record and experience in front of an audience, you can expect to be entertained...thoroughly! His quick wit, originality, high energy and captivating magic will add a little bit of magic to his audience's lives. John has worked both on and off stage (see bio) and knows everything it takes to make a successful show happen.

What type of events does John perform at?
From small private parties to family, community and corporate functions, John has performed at them.
John also has a line of school assembly and library programs which you can learn more about by clicking here.

Does John work with Agents & Event Planners?
Yes. All the time...and he is super easy (and fun) to work with.

How long is the show?
John O'Bryant LIVE- 60-minutes. A full blown 75-minute option for theaters and select events.
Mindreading Show- 45-minutes.
Strolling/Close-Up Magic- Hourly based.

NOTE-- Above are the lengths of John's full act. Times can be adjusted and shows can be customized to fit your events needs.

What size audience works best?
John's show options can entertain the smallest and largest of crowds.

Can we meet John before our event?
If the time and location allows, your booked show includes a short consultation. During this time, we can take a walk through the venue, talk about the event schedule, and John can even use his event experience to make suggestions.

How long does it take to set up?
In most cases the shows take 45-60 minutes to set up. During this time John will set up his show and everything that comes with it. Arrangements need to be made upon booking if the set up needs to occur prior to the start of your event. Strolling Magic takes no set up time but John likes to arrive about 15-minutes before his start time.

What are John's technical requirements?
Each performance is entirely self-contained. We provide everything we need for the show you have booked. Most of the time this includes an incredible sound system, an attractive backdrop system, etc. Only under special circumstances will we ask for production equipment. Contact us for a John's full Tech Rider. The tech rider will go over things in extreme detail.

Are there any space requirements?
A minimum stage size or performance space should be provided by the venue. The space should measure at least 10' deep by 16' wide for the safety of all those on stage. We can and have made smaller spaces work. The stage or performance space must be a flat, hard and level surface. Rule of thumb-- the bigger the space, the better. Contact us for a John's full Tech Ride. The tech rider will go over things in extreme detail.

Audience Seating- For best viewing, the audience shall be comfortably seated directly in front of the stage/performance space and not on the side or behind. We recommend there be no dance floor or any other obstructions/great distances between the audience and the stage/performance space. Most audiences are either seated at round or rectangular banquet tables that are facing the stage or in organized rows with an aisle down the middle. Volunteers from the audience will be needed during the show and will need easy access to and from their seats. When seating is full, we occasionally have people stand along the perimeters in the back of the venue. At events where children are present, children will often sit on the floor directly in front while leaving the chairs for the adults. The audience can be seated or standing for Strolling Magic.

We want to re-book John. What can we expect?
John is a continuous crowd favorite at events. Most organizations book and re-book year after year. John adds all new magic to his shows each year for this reason (and to keep his show up to date and FRESH).

How soon should I book?
It's never too soon or too late to check availability. John's shows are extremely popular and it is recommended that you book as soon as you can. The sooner you book, the more likely you will get your desired date and time. Every year, John's schedule is known to book solid. Shows have been known to book over a year in advance and as late as a week in advance.

How do I book?
It is simple. Once all of your questions are answered, request to be put on the calendar immediately! Dates vanish QUICKLY! We will then send you a confirmation email within 24-hours. The show is scheduled once you have received this confirmation email. A deposit may also be required to book.

What is the cost?
Each of John's shows has a published rate to ensure competitive pricing. This allows us to provide you the best show at an AFFORDABLE cost. Contact us today for your special pricing and more show information.

Please Note: Although the pricing may not be the cheapest in town, you will get what you pay for! John's ORIGINAL shows have a collection of benefits and details that will seemingly "vanish" the competition! Keep in mind that cost often reflects EXPERIENCE and QUALITY.

Does the cost include travel?
Quotes are usually all inclusive. If there is a travel fee, it will be included in the cost quoted. If your organization chooses to provide hospitality on their own (and many do), please let us know and we can adjust the cost accordingly.

How far do you travel?
John is available where ever you are! His shows have been seen all across the country.

Does John do free shows?
Donated performances are usually limited because performing is how John makes 100% of his living. John devotes his time to about 3 organizations per year. To be considered for a donated show, don't hesitate to contact us.

Can John provide more than one show through out our event?
Yes. Many events such as fairs/festivals host more than one show through out their event. Discounts are available for mutiple bookings.

Do you have photos or a blurb we can use for our own promotional purposes?
Yes. Click here for downloadable studio photos, show photos, posters and bio.

Want to send a comment/review our way after a show?
Click Here to send us one TODAY! These are much appreciated as they help us improve our programs every year! Comments may be used in promotional material!


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