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John O'Bryant LIVE is John's leading magic show that entertains audiences of all ages! This high-energy show will take you on a first-class trip filled with award-winning magic, hilarious comedy, thrilling escapes and stunts, music, special effects and audience interaction! John's quick wit and unique style of impromptu comedy guarantees that every show is as unique as they come!

This is John's most popular show and has continuously made him a crowd favorite and repeat performer at many events. This type of reaction only comes with a high energy and experienced performer like John!

If you are looking for GUARANTEED and IMPRESSIVE entertainment at your next event, John O'Bryant LIVE will fit all of your needs!


John O'Bryant LIVE details...

Show Length: Up to 60-minutes. A full blown 75-minute option for theaters and select events. Show lengths can also be adjusted to fit event's schedule.
Production Levels: 2 versions of the show are available. A smaller set-up for a stand-up style show and a larger set-up for a stage style show. Both show levels will give you a professional look and feel.
What We Bring: A crazy good show and everything it takes to make it happen. Only under special circumstances will we ask for production equipment. Contact us for a detailed tech rider.
Appropriate Audience: Any age audience. All material is fit for the audience it's being performed for.
Appropriate Audience Size: John's show has been performed for as little as 20 and for as much as 1,200. Most likely, it will suit your event perfectly.
Cost: Each of John's shows have a published rate to ensure competitive pricing. This allows us to provide you the best show at an AFFORDABLE cost. Contact us today for your special pricing and more show information.

Every performance is handled by FULL-TIME PROFFESIONALS!

For more information please visit our FAQ page.

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John's magic shows are performed in many theaters each year.
John's shows can suit the smallest and biggest of crowds.