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John O'Bryant's MENTALISM SHOW is a step away from magic, yet still creates the illusion that John can read your audience's thoughts! Through out the show, John will entertainingly take your audience on a journey of mindreading experiments and mind "stunts" to show them how to use their mind in a different and positive way. Imagine John predicting the name of someone's childhood dog, or a series of randomly thought of numbers between 1 and 1 Million, or even naming what is in someone's pocket with out going near them. It's so good that you'll want John to buy you a lottery ticket after the show! John's unique style of impromptu comedy guarantees that no two shows are alike. If you are looking for GUARANTEED and IMPRESSIVE entertainment at your next event, John O'Bryant's MENTALISM SHOW will fit all of your needs!

John O'Bryant's MENTALISM SHOW details...

Show Length: Up to 45-minutes (show length can be adjusted to fit event's schedule).
Production Levels: 1. The set up has a professional look and feel.
What We Bring: A crazy good show and everything it takes to make it happen. Only under special circumstances will we ask for production equipment. Contact us us for a detailed tech rider.
Appropriate Audience: Due to the complexity of the effects performed, we recommend ages 16 & up (they'll understand it and get involved more). All material is clean material.
Appropriate Audience Size: 20 or more is recommended.
Cost: Each of John's shows have a published rate to ensure competitive pricing. This allows us to provide you the best show at an AFFORDABLE cost. Contact us today for your special pricing and more show information.

Every performance is unique and every show is handled by FULL-TIME PROFFESIONALS!

For more information please visit our FAQ page.

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