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Strolling Magic

For a more close up look at John's amazing magical feats, add Strolling Magic to your event! John will mingle amidst your guests performing eye-popping close-up magic in your guest's hands! This is a wonderful add-on to one of the bigger shows and a great way to kick-off your event!

Strolling Magic can do a lot for your event...
- Breaks the ice between guests
- Gives strangers something to talk about
- Boosts networking opportunities
- Warms guests up for your main event
- Entertainment while awaiting dinner
- Great entertainment for intimate gatherings

Get a great PACKAGE DEAL when you schedule this show with
John O'Bryant LIVE or MINDREADING Show.

Close-Up Magic


Trade Show Magic- Stop all traffic and let them have a different type of fun at your booth! No more prize wheels or raffle ticket drawings. Entertainingly show them your product or message, get qualifying leads, increase sales and MAXIMIZE your trade show investment. Be the company they remember!

Mini Magic Shows- John will set up a table or booth at your event and perform "mini magic shows" for guests who walk by and gather around.

Close-Up Show- For more intimate gatherings, John will perform an entire close-up show. This show and set-up features magic at a smaller scale. Recommended for groups of 30 or less.

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